Smart Soup Review

You all know how much I love to cook.  Scratch cooking is the way you can control costs, and the types of ingredients that many store-bought products contain.

But lets face it, we are all faced with obligations throughout the day that prohibit us from going gourmet in the kitchen.

I was provided the opportunity to review some healthy gluten free soups.  After reviewing the ingredient list, I knew I had to give them a try.

Smart Soup_0082Their worldly varieties will send you to places such as France, Vietnam, Mexico and Thailand just to name a few.

When my Smart Soups arrived in the mail, I immediately tried the French Lentil Soup.

Smart Soup_9862The flavors are rich, delicious and stand alone.  Then I decided to have France meet Portugal meets Greece so I added some Portuguese sausage to the lentil soup with a dollop of Greek Yogurt.  The layers of flavors were just popping.  Simple add-on ingredients and these frozen delights were taken to the next level.

For the Santa Fe Corn Chowder, I added, shredded Colby Jack Cheese, chopped cilantro and a fresh tomato salsa.

Smart Soup_0067The last one I tried was the Thai Coconut Curry Soup.  It’s bodacious, impressive and will have you thinking you are at a fine dining establishment.  With such bold flavors, it’s not necessary to have any add-on’s, however, try some medium-sized shrimp, seasoned with salt and pepper and sautéed in butter, a handful of Thai basil, some cilantro and chopped green onions.  A lime and some hot sauce complete this dish.

Smart Soup_0085

You can microwave them for convenience or use the stove top when you want to add those extra layers of flavor.

These Smart Soups are by far the best store-bought soups I have tried.

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