Top 12 Recipes of 2012

Happy New Year to all of you.  Here’s to looking forward to 2013.  I want to make this the best year ever.  No matter what that means to you or me!

mini potato skins recipeChili-in-a-bread Bowl RecipePepperoni Pizza Swirl RecipeSlow Cooked Beef Bourguignon RecipeSavory Chicken Half Breasts Recipe

Let’s take a look back at 2012.  Here are my top 12 recipes that I made last year.  I tried to pick recipes from most of the food categories.  Otherwise, I might end up with 12 desserts, ha ha. Are any of yours on this list?

12.  Mini Potato Skins – This one was a family favorite.  All gone before I even tasted more than one.

11. Little Big Chili -Slow cooked.  I made this one just the way I knew the hubby would want it.  Another big family hit.

10. Pepperoni Pizza Swirl – I made this way back in the beginning of the year and everyone still talks about how great this tasted.

09.  Beef Bourguinon – Another slow cooked recipe that was devoured.

08.  Savory Chicken Half Breast – Made in my clay pot and so moist and delicious.  Restaurants should serve this.

07.  Salted Caramel Pumpkin Latte –  A great treat that I lightened up that tastes better than the famous coffee house.

06.  French Dip – Made with left over trip tip.  So easy and fun too.

05.  Pho Ga – After falling in love with this Vietnamese noodle soup, I had to make my own.  And as my baby girl stated, “Mom, this is better than the one at the Noodle House.

04.  Kahlua Brownies – What’s not to love Kahlua + brownies.  A great combination and worth the splurge

03. Walnut Pesto – Making this without basil made it a winner for me.  Basil can be overpowering.

02.  Harvest Turkey Salad – This one is even better than the one I ate at Panera Bread. (I love their’s too).

01.  Honey Roasted Carrots – This is the dessert of veggies for me.  This just so happens to be number one by every person  who has consumed them.

Thank you to all of my readers for coming back all the time and reading my recipes.  I hope I inspired you to make some of them and have fun in the kitchen too.  I strive to make sure all my recipes are healthy or healthified as much as some can be.  Let’s hope I can continue to find interesting and unique recipes for everyone.  If you have a recipe that you would like me to “makeover”, let me know and I will try to experiment with it.

Have a healthy and happy new year!





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