Mama Baretta Bakery Gluten-Free Baked Goods – Review

Mama Baretta Gluten Free Baked Goods 006In today’s world, it is not uncommon to discover your precious loved one has been diagnosed with a multitude of food allergies.  This is exactly what happened to Debra,owner of Mama Baretta’s Bakery.  Regular processed foods were making one of her sons very ill.  That is when she decided to start making foods without preservatives, corn syrup,no gluten, etc.

There is nothing better than seeing a mom succeed from just trying to keep her family members healthy.  Deb is doing just that.  But she needs our help too. Let’s help her business grow and get the word out to buy her products.

I have quite a few here that I sampled.  And let me tell you, I haven’t tasted anything better.  The winner’s that my family loved are the Italian snowballs and the caramel nut lace cookies.  But I will tell you that there was not one single item that she brought for me to sample that I did not like.

As far as Weight Watchers and Points Plus are concerned, I can tell you that if the PP values are higher, its only because she is using quality ingredients that are better for you.

She gave me so many samples to taste that I do believe I have died and gone to Mama Baretta heaven.

I had the unfortunate pleasure of tasting every single item listed below.

Here is a run down of all that I tasted:

Ameratti Cookies –  A thousand times better than the store-bought ones that come in the Green White and Red packages.  Let’s just say “Stella”.Mama Baretta Gluten Free Baked Goods 013

Italian Snowballs – Do you want a cookie that virtually melts in your mouth?  Than this is the one for you.

Mama Baretta Gluten Free Baked Goods 014

Vegan Chocolate Biscotti – A thick dense semi-hard cookie.  Great with your tea or coffee.

Mama Baretta Gluten Free Baked Goods 017

Original Biscotti – A bit harder than the chocolate cookie, but full of flavor and again great with a cup of tea or coffee.

Mama Baretta Gluten Free Baked Goods 009

Chocolate Chip Cookies – How can you go wrong with these tasty treats.  Make sure you have a glass of milk or soy milk close by.

Mama Baretta Gluten Free Baked Goods 011

Corn bread bites and multi seed bites – Great to use for your stuffing for Thanksgiving

Mama Baretta Gluten Free Baked Goods 020

Chocolate Brownie – Resembles more like a chocolate cake.  Very rich in flavor.

Mama Baretta Gluten Free Bakery 001

Salted Caramel Nut Lace Cookies – These award-winning cookies are so addicting and will soon become Mama Baretta’s signature cookie.

Mama Baretta Gluten Free Baked Goods 008

What are you waiting for?  Place your order today.

Disclaimer:  I was not compensated for this review.  I was provided fresh hand-made baked goods to taste.  The opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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