Silk Marvelous Mornings House Party

When I was a little girl, back in the olden days, my mom used to sing me this little phrase “Tell me a story, and then I’ll go to bed”.  I am not exactly sure how I remembered that little saying, but Deb Roby probably triggered it when she gave everyone a suggestion about their blogs that she learned from BlogHer.  And that was to tell a story when you write on your blog.


I love hosting parties at my home.  I love to entertain. Cooking, noshing, chatting and having an all around great time.  I always worry that I will invite people and that no one will show up.  Big or small, the event was successful.

I applied through House Party to be a host at a Silk Marvelous Mornings Brunch event.  It’s great fun.  Once you get selected to host the party, you receive a goodie package for your party.  I volunteered to host our next local Fitbloggin event at my home.

See all the wonderful goodies!

DSCN3207 DSCN3208


I decided to include a few extra treats for everyone.  Annalies, from Attune Foods, who had a previous commitment and couldn’t attend,  was kind enough to provide Uncle Sam and Erewhon coupons in addition to the coupons sponsored by Silk.


I had a tasting station for the Silk Fruit and Protein.


We all agreed that all the flavors tasted great, however, really expected the product to have more protein in it.  5 grams of protein for 8 oz is not enough, and 24 grams of sugar, well, it tasted good, didn’t it?

I made Silk fruit and protein ice pops. and of course my famous mini mini pancakes using Silk Pure Almond.


Of course every party must have a “glitch” or a story to remember.

Early this morning Nescett had to cancel has her little girl was sick all night.  I was looking forward to meeting her.  Maybe next time.

Sarah , who was unable to drive, was stuck at the Lafayette BART station.  It seems the reliable train was um, well, uh, unreliable.  It took her longer to get from Lafayette to Concord then it did to get from Balboa Park to Lafayette.  Needless to say, I waited for her  train to arrive for almost 50 minutes. (should be a 12 minute ride from Lafayette to Concord)

My poor hubby, who is sick, was left to man the station and wait for the other guests to arrive.  He was put on duty to entertain everyone until Sarah and I made it back home.

We finally arrived and I said let the party begin.

Of course a beverage was in order so I whipped up some pomegranate champagne cocktails.

Deb made a Greek pizza called Greek Meatza, which uses ground beef as the crust and is topped with kalmata olives, onion and feta.  This was probably the biggest hit of the party.


We also received other great dishes such as Quiche and roasted potatoes.  Not to mention Shannon’s vegan cocoa bites and rhubarb squares that were out of this world.

DSCN3305 DSCN3304

Once the pancakes were ready, and the meatza was heated up, we all piled up our plates and devoured our meal.

We also had a variety of Chobani yogurt and some fresh fruit.


We were then entertained by Deb, which, by the way is a certified personal trainer, who showed us how to use stretchy bands.  We each took turns practicing and, believe me, laughing at how inept and unbalanced as am.

DSCN3309 DSCN3308

Perhaps that’s why Deb left me with a stretchy band?!?  I better put it to good use. 🙂


Thank you Marisol, Sarah, Deb and Shannon for participating in the Fitbloggin’ Silk Marvelous Mornings event with me.  See you all soon.

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Hey Melissa, Santa Rosa sounds like a great place for our next meet up.  We missed  you at this one.


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  1. Looks like you girls had a great time! I went out to care for my sick mom today. Hope to join in on another meet up soon! 🙂

    • We did have a great time. But you were missed. I hope your mom gets better soon. It’s tough seeing a loved one when they are sick.