>Dining Out

>We all love to go out to eat.  One of my favorite lunch spots is Panda Express.  In order to me to keep my PointPlus value for lunch at 12 PointsPlus, I choose:

String Bean chicken breast 5 PointsPlus
Pot stickers 6 PointsPlus
Veggies 1 PointsPlus (for the oil used)

I absolutely love pot stickers, so I substitute the chow mien for the pot stickers.  You can choose chow mien as one of your entrees, but ONLY if you choose 1/2 chow mien and 1/2 veggies for a total of 6 PointsPlus.

Periodically, I will include other dining out choices.  Tell me some of your favorite dining out choices and tell me why.

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